We're totally different!

Actually we're not all that different. But we're very good at what we do — from integration and professional services, to innovative prototyping, to enterprise solutions, to big data analytics, to semantic technologies. And we love free and open software.

We're iNovex. Check us out.

Our Team

We created iNovex with one selfish, driving goal — to create the company we always wanted to work for: Smart, Creative, Open, Free, Hard-working, Fun. These are the qualities that describe our people. It's what we look for when we hire them, and it's what we cultivate every day.

Our Culture

We're a little different from most of our competitors, because we strive to eliminate all barriers to innovation. So when someone comes in over the weekend to tag graffiti all over the office walls, we love it!

You never know where inspiration will come from, so we leave all avenues open and allow our people to be as creative as possible. At the same time, we work hard and provide the structure necessary to continually carry out our mantra: DELIVER!

Do you belong here?

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